APPARTEMENT Napoléon III - Champel 1206

aménagement intérieur villa napoleon III


EDDIFIS was commissioned as a general contractor to renovate and fully furnish a late 19th century Napoleon III style flat.

The flat was bought by a couple who love old properties. It contains beautiful ceiling mouldings, rose windows, herringbone oak parquet flooring and marble fireplaces characteristic of the late 19th century. The new owners wanted to reorganise the rooms in the flat in order to have 3 bedrooms, including a master suite, and a large living room that they could enjoy as a family. One of the main challenges of this renovation was combining old and modern technology based on the owners’ specifications. The time constraints also provided an additional challenge as the entire project needed to be completed in 4 months. Mission accomplished for Eddifis! The property now has all the latest home automation, multimedia, air treatment, thermal and acoustic technology. The existing materials were restored and reused to preserve the historic character of the flat. Finally, to help the new owners choose what they wanted, we provided a 3D model of all the plans for the project. This tool also made it possible to better understand the technical aspects of the project and therefore to guarantee deadlines and the overall cost of the project.


of work

250 m²


CHF 850,000.00

worth of work 

  • Created new gas, electricity and water connections

  • Applied a fire protector to parquet floors Completely redid sanitation facilities, heat distribution and electricity

  • Created a ventilation system. Replaced windows while keeping their vintage appearance

  • Demolished the partitions and rebuilt plaster partitions on the frame

  • Dismantled and restored the existing panelling Restored the period parquet floors Room layout: walk-in wardrobe, cupboards, kitchen, wine cellar, etc.

  • Provided colour consultancy for surfaces, selected and installed stone, oak parquets, Corian and marble countertops and custom-made fabrics

  • Sourced furniture, chandeliers, household and bath linen, crockery and accessories

Studies and Implementation
  • Carried out administrative procedures for obtaining work permits

  • Designed all working drawings and implementation details

  • Carried out the work as a general contractor

  • Responsible for interior decoration and furnishings

  • Insurance and guarantees