Master Villa – Conches 1231


EDDIFIS was commissioned as a general contractor to remodel and partially renovate a 4-level contemporary villa dating from the 1940s on a 1500 m2 (16,146 sq. ft.) landscaped plot.

The property was bought by a family living in Geneva that was looking for a new family nest. This villa features many exceptionally sunny rooms. The kitchen, living room and bathrooms were redesigned to increase space and functionality. Our interior design team’s work has given this villa a new look that is more in line with the new owners’ expectations.


of work

450 m2

surface area

CHF 0.5 to 1 million incl. VAT

of work

  • Changed spaces by transforming existing rooms.
  • Redistributed all technical fluids for the bathrooms: wastewater system, electrical distribution system.
  • Replaced wall coverings.
  • Painted all the walls and woodwork.
  • Renovated floors.
Studies & Implementation
  • Carried out the work as a general contractor.
  • Designed and laid out new wet rooms.
  • Monitored architectural work.
  • Designed all working drawings and implementation details.